We Wanted Peace and Quiet in Our New Apartment and Ended Up with That and More

I was frustrated after being awakened three night this past week when our neighbor got home from work. He is working an odd shift now that ends at 1:00 AM. He gets home about an hour later and needs to wind down before he goes to bed. He winds down by watching movies with his big screen TV and surround sound. Nothing like an action movie in the next apartment in the middle of the night. It was not going to change anytime soon, so my wife told me to look for nicer Murfreesboro apartments for rent. Neither one of us wanted to live here any longer. Our lease was ending in a few days, so we would be free to move without any issues.

We started by picking up those free booklets that tell you all of the apartments for rent in the area. Most of them are in black and white, and you cannot see much detail in any pictures they post. So we decided to go online and look for Murfreesboro apartments for rent, and we found a really nice place. We found a place we could bring our two indoor cats to, and the apartment would come with appliances and a dishwasher. A bonus is that our apartment also has built-in storage and a wood fireplace. It is like the builders made this place for us. I could live there with no problem if the neighbors were quiet.

We talked about that and discovered how new apartments have much better sound deadening technology built into them than old places. You are not going to hear your neighbors in a newer apartment building like you would in an old place that has only been renovated. Sound deadening involves more than just insulation. Acoustic experts in construction know that mass is what stops the sound. Things such as concrete block or brick dividing walls, heavy wood and even rubber sheeting built into walls. It stops the walls from acting like a speaker to transmit sound. It works! We tested two empty apartments that were side by side. I stayed in one while my wife yelled in the one next door. I could barely hear her.

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