Sometimes It is Good to Move Away from Family Who Bring Chaos into Your Life

We both have some strange relatives. My wife and I have talked about this from the first time we met and I had to endure her brother and she endured my sister. We both joked that we must be adopted and they never told us. We do not act like our siblings or parents. They are really into drama and they keep it going by stirring arguments up and minding other people’s business. We decided to move when it kept hitting close to our home. We looked for nice apartments for rent in Nicholasville KY and found the perfect place. We love our families, but we need to live our own lives without all the drama.

We purposely picked a one bedroom apartment just so no relatives would get the idea to come and stay for a few days while things cool off at home. We have heard that so many times. We purposely picked Nicholasville because it is a nice place and about three hours away from our nearest relative. We certainly would keep in touch with our parents and siblings, but we knew they would be okay living out their lives of drama and intrigue that only they could enjoy. We know that some people seem to thrive on chaos, but we prefer a peaceful quietness to life. We do not have kids, but we do have two dogs. It was nice to find an apartment this nice that allows dogs.

We should have moved a long time ago. The last few months have been wonderful. It was easy for me to transfer to another division of the company I work for, and my wife got a job as a teacher in a local school. We are doing well, and really liking our new place. We like taking a late swim in the saltwater pool almost every evening. The quiet and clean surroundings are nice, and all the nice amenities in our apartment make this the best move we could have taken. If you cannot change your family, you do not have to let them change you.

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