West Midtown Apartment Prices in Atlanta

I am excited that I am going to be moving to Atlanta here in the next couple of weeks. It is really an exciting period in my life, but as is typical with an exciting period in your life such as this, there is an enormous amount of attendant stress and anxiety. I do not have a place to live yet, and I am going to have to move into the city on a pretty exact time frame. I am trying to check out info for west midtown Atlanta apartments right now, because I have heard some good things about them. I spent a few days in the city recently, driving around and looking at some areas of the city where I might want to live.

Atlanta is such a large city though, that it really makes it hard for me to figure out where I am going to live. I mean it is not like the biggest city in the country by any means. But at the same time, it is orders of magnitude larger than the town where I grew up, and that is a fact that is kind of overwhelming to me at the moment.

The reason that I need to find an apartment so quickly, is that I just recently found a great job in Atlanta and they actually offered me the job. I was pretty excited that I got the job, because I was not really thinking that I would get it. There were two positions open, and I know that dozens of people had applied for the job. So I am definitely pretty lucky that I was actually able to land the job. I am going to start in three weeks, so I definitely need to find an apartment before then to be sure.

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