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How to Sell Your Home Fast It may seem easy to sell a house, but that’s hardly true. Whether or not the property is salable on its own, there are many things a seller should do to ensure he gets the best deal. If you would like to sell your home fast, below are helpful tips: > Select an agent wisely.
Looking On The Bright Side of Homes
Ask no less than three agents to assess your home and show you some similar properties that they just sold. Have a chat with some of their old clients, or personally check out some of the homes they’re presently selling. Pick an agent with an easy-to-navigate website, and take advantage of all available property portals.
Looking On The Bright Side of Homes
> Have some high-quality brochures printed. Get a copy of the best home brochure within your price range and area, and have it seen by your agent. Tell him to create something as good for your property. The sales details must include a floor plan, descriptions for the rooms and an account of the neighborhood. > Make your home easily accessible for viewing. Your agent is supposed to supervise the viewing, but if that’s not possible, do it yourself. But be a bit flexible with timing, even if it can be inconvenient. > Conduct an open house. If you’re seeing no signs of progress, have your agent provide a two-hour viewing window for potential buyers. To make attendees feel they’re special, hire some extra staff and distribute some personal invitations. An open house will create a buzz, and may actually bring in sooner and higher offers. > Invest in quality photography. It’s important to have professionally taken photographs of your property. Some agents even take aerial pictures of homes they’re selling with the use of remote-control helicopters. > Offer your agent an incentive for a fast sale. Tell your agent you’ll give him an additional half a percent if he can sell your home in six weeks. A twelve-week agent contract is too long. Four weeks is long enough, and lets you bring in another agent, creating an air of competition to sell. > Get your house in perfect condition. Complete any unfinished DIY jobs, and be sure that the paintwork is perfect before you take pictures. Buyers usually prefer homes that are ready for a move-in. On top of that, make sure the property is free of clutter and clean inside out. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves in the home, and that’s impossible if your stuff is crowding every room. > Get organized. Don’t give your buyer more time than what is absolutely necessary – remember that one-third of sales fall through. Tell a conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf so that a deal can move as quickly as it can. Delays give buyers the leeway to have second thoughts or be exposed to more properties.

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