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Should You Buy a Ready Possession Flat or Get a Home Constructed?

Living in your own flat or house provides you with the great feeling of security, independence and happiness. The ultimate dream of everyone is to own a place to live. When a person starts to earn, the first thing that comes into his mind is to own a house and starts to save a lot towards this purpose. When it comes to own a house, you have got two options, buy a ready possession flat for sale or buy your own land and build a house in it. Both these ideas have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze some of them to decide between these two great options to own a living space for ourselves.

Building Your Own House

Every person has a dream to construct a house that suits to the needs and requirements of the family members. It gets fulfilled when you plan and construct a house for you. Here, your liking and preferences of interior decoration, a color of paint, types of tiles and marbles and a lot of other features of the house give preference. You can choose between costly and cheap materials of construction. You can supervise the laborers and technicians who work to construct your house. Meanwhile, you can save a lot of money. Again, you can construct your house part by part. It is not necessary for you to construct it at a stretch. You can complete the work as and when you have money. Hence, your house becomes a fulfillment of your wishes and dreams. At the same time, there are a lot of disadvantages too. Constructing a house by you takes away a lot of your time and energy. If your knowledge in the construction field is limited, you may make mistakes in choosing the right materials and laborers for the construction. These days labour is not easily available. In the case of a sudden financial crunch, your dream to construct your dream house may not get fulfilled.

Buy a Flat

When you buy ready possession flats for sale, you have a lot of advantages. The most appealing benefit of buying a flat is that you can move as soon as you complete the buying formalities. There are no worries and hurries of construction. You become the owner of a beautiful home overnight. Your confidence and self-esteem will shoot up and you will achieve the status of being the proud owner of a flat. When you choose a ready to possession flat for sale, you choose to live in a highly developed are in your society. The disadvantage of buying a flat is that you have to find a large amount of money to buy it. There are also options to meet these financial requirements. The quality of construction also may worry you a lot.

When we analyze both advantages and disadvantages of buying and constructing a home, we find a lot of unique features to both these options. At the same time, buying a flat would be a better idea as it is easy and is available for immediate possession.

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4 Tips on How to Have an Economical Yet Fun-Filled Holiday in Dubai

When in Dubai, one may feel that the cost of holidaying spirals up higher than the height of most of its skyscrapers! However, there are some ways by which one can revel in the city, without burning a hole in the pocket. Seeing the gorgeous 5 star hotels and plush eating joints, one often forgets that there is another face of the city, which is quite easy on the wallet. In fact, tourists can enjoy a budgeted holiday by opting for these venues & facilities. Here are a few tips for those who wish to have an economical holiday in this spectacular destination, without compromising on the highlights and landmarks of the city.

  1. Go For a Villa or an Apartment Rather Than a Hotel

A villa or apartment will cost much less than hotel rooms, if one is travelling along with his/her family. Such houses offer spacious rooms, large sitting area, and well-equipped kitchen. Alternatively, one may also choose to stay at a studio apartment at International City, Marina Diamond 1 at Dubai Marina, The Square at Al Mazmar, Skycourts Towers at Dubailand, or Al Reef Downtown area.

  1. Keep a Check at the Eating Joints

For those who don’t wish to spend exorbitantly on food & drinks, they can head towards the eating joints at Meena Bazaar or Al Karama area. These outlets are not only way cheaper than the restaurants, but also serve a substantial amount of food. Nevertheless, if one wants to visit restaurants, particularly for the ambience and breathtaking sea/skyline views, then one may opt for business lunches, as they are less expensive than the lavish dinner spread.

  1. Go For Smart Shopping

There is no denying that Dubai is a paradise for shopaholics. The major attractions include Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battutta Mall. However, not everyone may know that apart from these opulent shopping plazas, Dubai is home to a few flea markets, the most prominent one being the Safa Park. Those who wish to keep their shopping within a budget may check out the stores of Meena Bazaar, Karama Shopping Complex, Computer Street, and Satwa Souq. One will surely be surprised to see how a little haggling can result in getting exquisite goods & fresh products at these markets. Although the city is a tax free shopping hub, a little study on Gold Souks at Deira and duty free shopping at airports can also help one save a good chunk of money. For those who can’t resist buying stuff from chic boutiques, they may visit the city during the shopping festival held in January every year, when most retail brands offer huge discounts & offers.

  1. Keep an Eye on Travel Expenses

For tourists travelling alone or as an expat in Dubai, the cheapest mode of transportation is car pooling. It gives travel access to all tourist spots. Those travelling with family or friends can avail the services of taxis, which prove to be fairly cheaper than renting cars.

These are just a few ways that can help in indulging in an economical vacation at this magnificent destination. Of course, the final decision depends upon one’s preference and budget. For all the best deals on apartments, events, sports, and utility items, one may log on to a premium classifieds website of Dubai. One can browse through the extensive list of offers displayed on these sites, compare prices, and grab the best bargains.

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